A Letter to White People in the Book Community

Dear WBC (White Book Community),

As a fellow white person I must say that we need to do better. Not because Black Lives Matter is popular and a trending hashtag online and we could get tons of likes for speaking out, but because black people are human beings. The bottom line is, that caring about black lives isn’t a political statement. Trying to end police brutality and the murder of our black brothers and sisters shouldn’t be a controversial issue. Stopping racism as a whole, including police brutality, is something we should all agree on, whether you are a minority or not.

I understand if you had no intention to talk about race when first making your account, I understand you may not be 100% educated when it comes to minorities. But that does not excuse you to use your privilege to stay silent about what is going on here. Many minorities face the idea that their lives are all about race and their mere existence is considered contreversial within itself. I ask you to please use your privilege to share and sign petitions, protect black people in protests, and most of all listen and share content by black people in our community.

The Book Community should be open to different minority content creators no matter the color of their skin. It’s never too late to look for creators and even books to open your eyes. I know for me, I’ve been putting off reading books about POC and ultimately, there is no real excuse for this. There are plenty of books that have POC. There are plenty with even good reviews. There are probably even free ebooks online featuring POC.

Below I will provide links for those who really want to support black creators.

myonna reads made a black booktubers playlist. Hopefully when you click the link, it plays the entire playlist. If not just comment below and I’ll fix it!


Here are some other things you can do to help the black community.


Please use this time to reflect.


Rachel Hall.

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